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Blonde Specialists in New Braunfels Answer the Question: To Balayage or to Highlight?

Updated: Jan 30

Blonde Hair
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Both the Balayage and the Highlight method can create depth or add brightness. Both create a beautiful end result, so how do you know which is right for you?

Blonde specialists in New Braunfels at Gilded Hair Salon break down the key differences for us. Their blonde specialists explained that the Balayage technique can be applied in several different ways, each achieving a different result. It just depends on how natural you want it to look. It can be approached with open painting, placed in between plastic wrap which results in a sun kissed result or foils can be utilized for a brighter lift. "Foilyage" is typically what people think of when they bring in Balayage inspo pictures. It's the hybrid approach of blending together the processing technique of traditional highlights utilizing foils in order to achieve a brighter lift, but utilizing teasing of the hair along with or alone with root melting. This technique achieves a seamless blend from roots to ends which leaves you with an effortless, lived-in blonde result. A correctly executed balayage gives guests the ability to grow out their blonde without the harsh line that happens with traditional highlights, allowing guests to go anywhere between 3-6 months in between their appointments depending on how bright they want to keep their hair. This flexibility is starkly different than traditional highlights where guests must refresh their highlights every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking fresh. The balayage technique does require expertise and is considered a specialty service. It takes several more steps, time and finesse to achieve that beautiful blend.

For our guests who want to be maximum blonde with some dimension throughout, we recommend traditional highlights. The lightener goes all the way up to the root, but beware, that the grow out is much more noticeable and will require more frequent maintenance appointments.

Both applications achieve beautiful results, it simply comes down to the look you're wanting to achieve coupled with the maintenance you're comfortable with.

Gilded Hair Salon is located Downtown New Braunfels and is known for being one of the Best Hair Salons in New Braunfels.

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